Best malware cleanup tool for WordPress (and it’s FREE!)

Malware! that is a dreaded word when discussing computers. Websites can get infected with malware too. There are many types of malware designed to do different things. Some may not have any intent other than disrupting your site. Some common Malware types:
  1. Phishing : in this type of infection, your site’s content may change. You may see some other content, typically forms that lead to somewhere else. This is designed to steal information like usernames and passwords.
  2. Backlink farm : in this type of infection, your server is turned into a backlink form by hackers. This is a blackhat SEO technique used to improve the ranking of certain pages the hacker wants to promote.
  3. Information theft: similar to phishing in it’s intention, but works in the background, unnoticed.
The site may not be accessible, in which case, gaining access to the site becomes a priority. Once you have access to the admin dashboard, you can install the best malware cleanup plugin, which is, Anti-Malware Security and Brute-Force Firewall By Eli Scheetz
 This plugin is especially effective because, when the site is restricted, or you’ve deployed a copy to localhost, most firewall and security scanners will not work, displaying the message : the site cannot connect to itself. However, the gotmls scanner does not have any such requirements and will work on localhost or restricted site.

What makes this the best malware cleanup tool?

It is the cleanup part. There are many plugins that will scan a site for malware. But this plugin cleans up the detected malware.And it is quite good at it. Typically these kind of services can cost a lot. A good cleanup can cost $150. This free plugin saves you all the money and let’s you clean up the site yourself.

How to use the plugin?

To start with, you have to register for an API, which is a one click process
When scanning, select public_html. The plugin will scan any other files you may have in public_html
The plugin will display any suspicious files it finds and with a single click you can fix all the files
I have used this plugin to clean up hacked sites on multiple occasions, and, combined with security features, those sites have remained free from malware.
The plugin has premium features like automatic updates of malware definitions, which are accessible upon donating $30. All in all, the gotmls plugin has been very helpful in cleaning up malware, and is now a must have plugin on all sites I work on

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