How to manually update a WordPress Theme?

Themes are a crucial part of your WordPress website, giving it it’s looks and sometimes, even core functionality. Most theme developers allow a hassle free one click feature for upgrading WordPress themes.
However, you sometimes you may have to update a theme manually. Two scenarios where you may have to manually update a theme are:

  1. The developer does not provide one click update feature.
  2. You are cleaning up a hacked/malware infected site.

How to manually update a WordPress theme?

Please follow these steps to update the theme:

  1. Download the theme files from the source. This is usually the site from where you purchased the theme.
  2. Extract the downloaded files. 
  3. In the extracted folder, there will be a sub folder with the name of the theme. This folder contains folders like assets, classes etc. 
  4. On your site, delete the theme folder under wp-content/themes. 
  5. Using the file manager or ftp, upload the theme folder on your PC to wp-content/themes. You can upload a zip file and extract it.
Now your theme files are replaced 🙂 

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