How to remove unwanted links from Google?

Sometimes, when you search your site on google, some unwanted links show up in the search results. Most often these links are to an old piece of content that has been removed. Like a blog post which you deleted a while after publishing. But this link still shows up in google search results. So I found myself asking:

How to remove unwanted links from Google?  

The process is simple enough: Find the link, request google to remove it. Let’s say I want to find 404 links on ePotentia. To find these links, I search google like this:

That search will display all the links google has indexed for ePotentia.

If you’re maintaining a site, chances are, you will quickly recognize a link that is no longer valid. Copy that link and head to the Google Search Console.

In Google Search Console, you will find a menu named Removals. Click it. 
 You will now be presented with a screen that lists previous removed requests as well a big red button to start a new request. Click the new request button.

Clicking the New Request button will bring up a popup where you can enter the link you want to be removed.

You have two options : Remove this URL only and Remove all URLs with this prefix. Select the first option if you want to remove only the link you have copied. The second option is suitable in situations like when you have removed an entire category of posts or products for example. Select the appropriate option and Click next. You will be presented with a confirmation Popup

Click Submit Request and the link will be removed from google search results for six months. After six months, if the link does not exist, it will not show up in the search results.

Things to remember: you can only request removal of links that are in your property in the Google Search Console. Be careful with the tool as the submitted link will not appear in the reults for six months

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