How to replace plugin files?

Plugins are an inseparable part of a WordPress site. A common phrase when discussing any feature is : there’s a plugin for that!

Most plugins can be updated with a single click. However, there are scenarios when you cannot use this feature:

  1. The plugin developer has not provided automatic update feature.
  2. You’re trying to clean up a hacked/malware infected website.
  3. Ahem. The plugin is not from a legitimate source. In which case, not being able to automatically update is the least of your worries.

Now let’s move to the main topic:

How to replace plugin files?


  1. Download the plugin files from the source. This is usually the site from where you purchased it. 
  2. Extract the downloaded file. There should be a folder with the plugin’s name in it. 
  3. On your site, delete the plugin folder from wp-content/plugins
  4. Using file manager or FTP, upload the downloaded plugin files to wp-content/plugins. You can upload a zip file and extract it. 
Now the plugin files have been replaced and it is updated to the version downloaded 🙂 

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