What to do when you are unable to add custom thumbnails even after verifying YouTube channel?

Update: This issue has now been resolved

You have just uploaded a video to your YouTube channel. You have verified your YouTube account. You want to upload a custom thumbnail to make your video stand out. However, when you go to upload a custom thumbnail, you are greeted with this:

A grayed out “Upload thumbnail” button. After refreshing and trying again, you ask yourself

Why I am unable to add custom thumbnails even after verifying my YouTube channel?

There is a simple solution for this. Open the console on your browser (usually by pressing ctrl + Shift + J” and click console. You will be seeing something like this :

Click the clear button near the top button.

Now the console output will be deleted. Type the following in the console window:

$('ytcp-thumbnails-compact-editor-uploader').featureDisabled = false

Now, check the “Upload thumbnail” button. It will be enabled.

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